Tuesday, February 7, 2012


If we are not balanced internally, then we are balancing ourselves with the energy of others. 

Energy must always balance. Always. Ideally, we want to be balanced within ourselves. Then, when we are in relationship of any type, then we are building a collective energy that is balanced. This is a firm foundation from which you can create incredible things in this life.

If you are not balanced internally, then you will be constantly balancing your energy with the energy of others. This is called co-dependence. The word co-dependent is usually looked at as being less desirable. However, there can be many instances where this is a very good thing. The important distinction is that you are aware of the fact that you are balancing the energy externally. It is based upon a choice and not an unconscious need.

A healthy co-dependence can bring stability to an individual so that they can feel comfortable (less fearful) about doing the inner work necessary as they progress along their chosen path. In a group or organization, this co-dependence can bring stability and a firm foundation to whatever vision is being created.

If the energy is not balanced in the individual or the collective than anything created from that point may be unstable. It’s important to always look to balance the energy before any creative endeavor.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our mind creates from our true spiritual self, AND from any laws that we have taken on from our culture and past experiences.

 There is a structure in the mind that can be learned that drives the manifestation of our physical experience. It is the same for everyone, and for every group, or collective energy. Understanding this structure and the source of the laws that are in use to make decisions, allows us to be able to correct ourselves when we are not getting our desired result/feeling in our experience.

 Our mind creates our experience within the boundaries set by LAWS. That includes Spiritual laws, natural laws, and those laws that we have taken from our culture and past experiences. Spiritual laws and natural laws are absolute. The other laws are changeable and are based on our agreement (conscious and unconscious) to abide by these self-made laws.

 There is no right or wrong. The only measure we use is whether we are living the life that we desire or not.  

Monday, January 23, 2012


We are 100% responsible for creating our life experience. 

In order to be able to create our experience, we must understand that we are 100% responsible for everything in our life experience. There are no exceptions to this. Whenever we seek to blame anyone or anything in our experience, we are separated from our ability to create the experience that we desire. This is the most important part of being able to create a life of your own design. 

Heredity, environment, family and culture all have an influence on our experience and may teach us options of how to create yet it is only we that have the power to create our life experience. Any other belief takes away our free will and binds us to repeat the same pattern of experiences over and over.

This can be very difficult to really see and understand. It also takes great courage to accept this fact and to act accordingly. 

The flip side to understanding and living from the point of being 100% responsible is that you can stop taking on the feeling of being responsible for others. The majority of humanity puts a lot of energy towards feeling responsible for others when they have no ability to actually help or fix that person.

 The only thing we can do is to bring awareness, and then it is the individual’s choice as to what they do next. They are 100% responsible for their experience. Life is the great teacher and will continue to bring back to that person experiences to help them learn. They however must be open to learn. Help to bring awareness to others when you can, and then release them to allow Life to be their teacher.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The major difference between mankind and the animal kingdom is free will or volition.

Instead of asking “Why did this happen to me?” we should ask, “Why did this happen for me?”

The only creative process there has ever been, is now, or evermore shall be is thinking.

I find it very interesting as I reflect on these three statements, how many people don’t really understand how they create their life experience. For the most part, humanity actually does function more like animals because they don’t understand how their mind functions.

Everything in our life experience is created by our mind. However, most people don’t understand how the mind works and how it creates. When you are not balanced, then you are not able to make choices or to exercise your free will. You are not able to think clearly and make decisions that will create your life experience. Therefore, you are left with a life by default, driven by past experiences and current challenges, versus freely choosing the life you desire.

When someone does gain an understanding of how the mind creates, then looking at the challenges that come our way, actually allows us to Self Teach, and to grow from each experience. Those things that happen “for us” are actually generated by the part of our mind, which is out of balance. There is a direct relationship between the nature and intensity of what is out of balance in our mind, with the external experience we have created before us.

It’s fascinating once you begin to see and understand the pattern of how the mind creates. All the teachings and philosophies that you have learned all of sudden can be applied versus just learned. That not only applies to the spiritual philosophies, it also applies to any type of training related to career and personal growth as well. As we understand the pattern of the mind and the laws from which decisions are made, we are then able to ensure that we are using the laws that will create the life experience we desire and that we do so from a balanced perspective.