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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Kybalion

When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with Wisdom
 -The Kybalion

Print a pdf of THE KYBALION  |  Read THE KYBALION Online | Audio below

 Based on the Seven Hermetic Principles of ancient Egypt, The Kybalion is thought to be roots of New Thought. The Seven Hermetic Principles in The Kybalion are:

  1. The Principle of Mentalism.
  2. The Principle of Correspondence.
  3. The Principle of Vibration.
  4. The Principle of Polarity.
  5. The Principle of Rhythm.
  6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.
  7. The Principle of Gender.

By studying Ancient Wisdom, you will better understand and use New Thought principles today.


Thomas Troward's books had a profound effect on the development of spiritual metaphysics at the start of the last century, yet his ideas remain.

Thomas Troward was an assistant commissioner and later divisional judge in the North Indian Punjab in the late 1800s. His unusual legal background gave him an interesting slant on reality creation ideas. Troward applied his rigorous logic and evaluation of evidence to understand the way the universe came into existence - and why it works the way that it does.

  • The Starting Point
  • The Self-Contemplation Of Spirit
  • The Divine Ideal
  • The Manifestation Of The Life Principle
  • The Personal Factor
  • The Standard Of Personality
  • The Denouement Of The Creative Process


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