“My Life is my Message.”  (Gandhi)

My message is my life.  Our mission is to live in alignment with our authentic selves and the divine path, indeed, to walk in grace in the crack between the seen and unseen worlds.  We choose to walk this path to align ourselves to the wholeness of Pachamama (Mother Earth) and to live in perfect harmony with this sacred blueprint. Our task is to remember (to know again) the sacredness of all of life, to see ourselves in this wholeness, to honor ourselves and others in our actions, to channel the wisdom in our hearts to our hands, and to live with both compassion and accountability to our higher selves, to the gold heart.

It is the energy beneath our words and actions that give them their value, for energy is movement and movement is life.  To embark on this path of grace, one begins with honesty for that opens the door to the beauty and happiness that flows from life in alignment.  When we create from a place of honesty, we are connected to the beauty and wholeness that existed in the beginning of Pachamama.  

Our Mission: 
To honor and respect the absolute alignment of the sacred self.

The Vision: 
To create and support organizations that support and nurture alignment of the sacred self. 

Introduction/Orientation to Life In Alignment (LIA):
Life In Alignment (LIA) is a “tribe”, a group of individuals, who choose to support each other in our quest to understand Life, and to evolve our understanding of our Sacred Self, in order to begin living our “Life in Alignment” with the greater energy that surrounds us.  This personal learning and growth is achieved by exploring the root of humanity’s beginnings here on Earth and the pattern of creation that is the energetic blueprint within all things.  This is a “temple school” that is studying the “Light”.  

The foundation provided by the understanding of our own world view, how life works, who we are, and what we want from life, allows us to breathe life into, and expand our use of any spiritual discipline that feels most comfortable to us.  

This exploration is not meant to replace or change the spiritual discipline that we connect is to expand our ability to understand the tools and techniques those disciplines contain, to help us feel more fulfilled in our life.  

At the center of our work, is the quest to find the root energy of creation and to understand the life cycle and inner workings of Pachamama/Pachatata (mother/father Life).  Life as we know it is experienced within the laws and agreements that form the container of Earth.  As we understand these laws and agreements, and the role they play in the creation process, we can better understand the laws and agreements that we use in our individual and collective creation processes.  

For us to live our “Life in Alignment” with Pachamama/Pachatata, then we must also understand where Pachamama/Pachatata are in their life cycle as well.  Otherwise we will be seeking to achieve something beyond what the energy around us is supporting, or we will be holding on to patterns from the past.  Either way, this is the cause of our suffering.  Happiness is found in being in balance with the energy around us, not in having our life in the physical world look a certain way.  

Happiness is achievable in every moment.  It is something that we create from being in balance with Life around us.  

Ultimately, this is a quest for divine unity.  The bringing together of the feminine and masculine sides of creation on all levels, individually and collectively.  It is about understanding what the “Age of Pisces (dark)” was that just ended, and what the new “Age of Aquarius (light)” is that has just begun.  

For us to live our “Life in Alignment” with the greater energy around us, that energy that is held by Pachamama/Pachatata, then we also must begin to understand what the concepts of light and dark mean and learn how to discern between the two in our everyday life.  

Our Primary Tenets:
1. We are 100% responsible for creating our life experience.
2. Our mind creates from our true spiritual self, AND from any laws that we have taken on from our culture and past experiences.

3. If we are not balanced internally, then we are balancing ourselves with the energy of others.

4. Our blocks and obstacles to living our “life in alignment” are created by the judgment we have on others, which causes us to judge ourselves even more harshly.

5. We create a life of our own design when we are balanced.

Details on the 5 tenets.  

1. We are 100% responsible for creating our life experience.

In order to be able to create our experience, we must understand that we are 100% responsible for everything in our life experience. There are no exceptions to this. Whenever we seek to blame anyone or anything in our experience, we are separated from our ability to create the experience that we desire. This is the most important part of being able to create a life of your own design.  

Heredity, environment, family and culture all have an influence on our experience and may teach us options of how to create yet it is only we that have the power to create our life experience. Any other belief takes away our free will and binds us to repeat the same pattern of experiences over and over.

This can be very difficult to really see and understand. It also takes great courage to accept this fact and to act accordingly.  

The flip side to understanding and living from the point of being 100% responsible is that you can stop taking on the feeling of being responsible for others. The majority of humanity puts a lot of energy towards feeling responsible for others when they have no ability to actually help or fix that person.

 The only thing we can do is to bring awareness, and then it is the individual’s choice as to what they do next. They are 100% responsible for their experience. Life is the great teacher and will continue to bring back to that person experiences to help them learn. They however must be open to learn. Help to bring awareness to others when you can, and then release them to allow Life to be their teacher. 

2. Our mind creates from our true spiritual self, AND from any laws that we have taken on from our culture and past experiences.

There is a structure in the mind that can be learned that drives the manifestation of our physical experience. It is the same for everyone, and for every group, or collective energy. Understanding this structure and the source of the laws that are in use to make decisions, allows us to be able to correct ourselves when we are not getting our desired result/feeling in our experience.

 Our mind creates our experience within the boundaries set by LAWS. That includes Spiritual laws, natural laws, and those laws that we have taken from our culture and past experiences. Spiritual laws and natural laws are absolute. The other laws are changeable and are based on our agreement (conscious and unconscious) to abide by these self-made laws.

 There is no right or wrong. The only measure we use is whether we are living the life that we desire or not.  

3. If we are not balanced internally, then we are balancing ourselves with the energy of others.

We are constantly in the process of balancing the living energy (Kausay).  As the physical world changes, we will change with it. It is the balance between our perception of the energetic and the physical that is important. When our perception of things gets out of balance is when we may have difficulty maintaining our desired vibration. That's why I always find it helpful to look at things from an energetic perspective and a physical world perspective simultaneously and look for the perception which allows me to maintain my desired vibration. As the physical world changes, then my actions will remain vibrationally balanced.

As long as we are in a physical world experience, then I'm not sure the aspects of perception and perspective will ever go away. That is what brings the richness to our experience. Feeling that we need to do what is "right" implies that there is right or wrong. In the physical world "right" is relative to a perspective and other energetic entities may have different perspectives and different relative ideas of "right". The harmony in the world will come from understanding and honoring the multiplicity of consciousness, relaxing judgement on others and ourselves, and allowing the multiple perspectives to all have equal weight, and most importantly being sure to honor and respect our own perspective.

4. Our blocks and obstacles to living our “life in alignment” are created by the judgment we have on others, which causes us to judge ourselves even more harshly.

Judgment is one of those things that we all know we shouldn’t do yet rarely can we see when, and how often, we actually do it. We think we are not judging and then we find a way to judge in a different way.

The reason that not judging is so important, is that any time we judge, we are not practicing 100% responsibility. That means we are limiting ourselves in some way, preventing ourselves from fully expressing. We are allowing blind spots to keep us from achieving those things we most desire.

We think that judging is about the other person, which is deceiving because it is really about us allowing others to affect the experience we are creating. We are giving away our power to create by saying that anyone else’s actions can limit us in anyway. We then are actually limiting ourselves.

If we truly believe we are 100% responsible for our experience then nothing that anyone else does can limit our ability to create what we wish to create.

5. We create a life of our own design when we are balanced.

Being balanced allows us to exercise our free will. Free will is what allows us to create the rainbow of experiences that we do in this life. Free choice comes from unconditional acceptance of the Self. How often do we NOT feel like we have free will? We feel like “something” is preventing us from being able to choose a life of our own design.

That is because we are not balanced. We do not understand the “pattern of creation” which is the basis for ALL that we create, the laws that we are using to create within, nor how to balance ourselves. 

Balance/Beauty are self-defined. Individualized. Are we living a life of balance and beauty (relative to ourself)? 

Understanding, applying, and mastering the first four tenets allows us create a life of our own design.