Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Our blocks and obstacles to living our “life in alignment” are created by the judgment we have on others, which causes us to judge ourselves even more harshly.  

Judgment is one of those things that we all know we shouldn’t do yet rarely can we see when, and how often, we actually do it. We think we are not judging and then we find a way to judge in a different way.

The reason that not judging is so important, is that any time we judge, we are not practicing 100% responsibility. That means we are limiting ourselves in some way, preventing ourselves from fully expressing. We are allowing blind spots to keep us from achieving those things we most desire.

We think that judging is about the other person, which is deceiving because it is really about us allowing others to affect the experience we are creating. We are giving away our power to create by saying that anyone else’s actions can limit us in anyway. We then limit our actually limiting ourselves.

If we truly believe we are 100% responsible for our experience then nothing that anyone else does can limit our ability to create what we wish to create.

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